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August 18, 2005

Magnetic Finger


From the website:

    Put a Magnet on Your Fingertip

    Before I start in on how great this Magnetic Finger Glove is, let me start off by saying this isn't to be used up your nose....

    Slide the snug finger glove on and use it to start a fastener in an unreachable place.

    Drop a fastener down in an area where you can only get your finger in?

    Retrieve it easily with this!

    One incredible, indispensable tool that deserves to be placed in the top drawer of your tool box.

    If you don't use this thing at least a few times a month send it back and I'll refund your money.

I wonder if you could use it as a kind of low–tech metal detector on the beach, instead of one of those machines you see people waving around looking for buried doubloons.

Probably not: magnets aren't much good unless there's iron in the metal, so you'd probably miss most of the Greek bronzes and suchlike.

Ah, well.

$10.99 here.

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