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August 9, 2005

Mutant Extension Cord


You know how they're always finding frogs and turtles with two heads and blaming the deformities on PCBs and what–have–you?

Well, guess what: now the effects are making themselves felt even in the inanimate sphere.

How else to explain the sudden emergence, in 2005, of this bizarro extension cord?

It was in utero, ready to split into two cords, when something interfered with the reading of its genetic code.

Luckily someone was alert enough to notice, then take it to the next level.

Now you can own one.

Quite nifty, actually: two cords in one, each capable of sustaining electrical life on its own.

Each half of the cord gives you three outlets; put two such devices into one wall fixture and suddenly it's party time, with room for twelve.

"Perfect behind bed, sofa, wall unit or entertainment center."

My entertainment center is wherever I happen to be sitting. But I digress.

Each cord is 6 feet long.

In white or brown.

$4.89 here.

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