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August 21, 2005

Remotely monitor a room from anywhere in the world — for $85


No lie.

Hawking Technology has come out with a little videocamera (above) that streams live video at up to 30 frames/second.

It has its own I.P. address, which in plain English means that anyone who's online anywhere in the world can see what it sees — if they know the password.

It comes with a WiFi transmitter so it can send its images wirelessly to the internet connection of your choice.

The penny just dropped here re: how to monetize bookofjoe.

So very simple: I sell you the secret password to see what bookofjoeCam sees.

I change it monthly, and you get the new one automatically when your automatic monthly payment flows into my offshore account.

Wait a minute — I don't have an offshore account.

Memo to file: set up offshore account.

Where was I?

Oh, yes, this amazingly affordable technology.

You get the camera, an external antenna and an under–the–cabinet mounting kit.

The camera's very small: 1.6" tall and 5" deep.

"To avoid detection, the camera's four status lights can be turned off by configuring the included software," wrote Andrew Zipern in his piece about the camera, which appeared in the August 18 New York Times.

Is this Version 1.0 of bookofjoeTV?

Stay tuned.

But don't hold your breath.

If you want to get out there on the bleeding edge you can get one of these nifty devices for $84.84 here.

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