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August 6, 2005

Rubbermaid 300 Gallon Stock Tank — World's Cheapest Quick 'n Dirty Soaking Tub


I happened on a photo of San Diego Chargers tackle Wesley Britt happily sitting in one in the latest (August 8) issue of Sports Illustrated.

The caption describes him as catching up on the headlines in the shade and ice water as he comfortably reads the paper and soaks in one of these giant grey tubs (above).

Rubbermaid got about a zillion dollars worth of free advertising from that magazine photo.

I asked my crack research team to find out more about this sturdy–looking tub, which the Chargers have in multiples at their training headquarters.

Turns out that those whose hobby is "ponding" — creating and maintaining your own pond at home — swear by these Rubbermaid tanks.

    According to one ponding website:

    The reason we use a Rubbermaid stock tank is because of the rounded sides which enable the water to swirl in the bottom.

    This swirl effect helps to ensure that the water is filtered evenly as it flows upward through the media.

    You will notice the tank has indentations where the drain plug is installed.

    When the water flow coming into the tank hits these indentations it creates turbulence, which also helps.

    We told you before that we have made a lot of mistakes.

    Some of them were trying to use square tubs, 55 gal drums, everything from coolers to pickup truck toolboxes as a filter.

    They all have one thing in common… they failed.

    The Rubbermaid stock tank works.

    It is sturdy and strong so it will withstand colder climates also, after all it is used down or up on the farm.

    No need to thank us for making all those mistakes for you, it's our job.

    I sound like a Rubbermaid salesperson, I am not, but wonder if those guys are selling a lot more tanks for ponds now than for the field.

Another site notes that "Rubbermaid stock tanks are built tough for superior performance and lost–lasting durability in all kinds of weather extremes."

"Sturdy, all structural foam plastic construction — no worry about rust or corrosion. Even when frozen solid a Rubbermaid stock tank still resists cracking."

I found another website where the user finds the tank excellent for his koi and African frogs.

The tank measures 69"W x 63.25"L x 25"H and holds 300 gallons (1135.6 L).

The best price I found online was $165 here.

It's at StockyardSupply.com, whose website says:

    Rubbermaid's Farm Tough Stock Tank fights dents, cracks, rust and leaks.

    This is truly an innovative tank, different from any other on the market.

    Molded from a single piece of structural foam so there are no seams to split.

    In fact, one of the toughest tanks you can find anywhere.

    It resists denting even when faced with cold weather, high winds and ill–tempered animals.

    Its unique construction helps prevent typical problems of rust and corrosion.

    This is a superior stock tank!

No wonder


it's the unofficial soaking tub of the NFL.

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Hello! I would like to know if you got 300 gallon tubs (black) for sale and what are the prices also of much would it be for ship them to Fresno,ca,thank you.

Posted by: Isidro velaxquez | Nov 12, 2009 5:24:44 AM

Look like a few people are already using these for hottubs, see here ...

Posted by: bruce | Feb 9, 2006 7:52:11 AM

Any idea what the upper temperature range would be? This sounds like a great tank for a home-made hottub setup.

Posted by: Jason! | Feb 8, 2006 1:56:58 PM

the local african cichlid breeder that i buy my fish from uses these as 'grow out' tanks for the fish fry. she has her breeding pairs in large, traditional tanks and after they spawn and lay eggs she moves the baby fish to a greenhouse with about 20 of these 300 gallon rubbermaid containers in it. she keeps them there until they grow to a size that is sellable.

Posted by: brad | Feb 7, 2006 10:17:21 PM

Thanks for the info. I thought you might be interested in another use for this tank. Midwives every where are assisting women to birth their babies in water. not really a new concept. Here is a web site that uses the tank to make a birth pool instead of to buying a pool from www.waterbirth.org for over $1,000.


Posted by: ValerieMonterrey | Jan 26, 2006 9:49:13 AM

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