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August 24, 2005

injinji Tetratsok


New from injinji is this unique take on running socks.

    From the website:

    It's not a "sock" anymore, it's an interface system designed to enable your entire foot to perform as it was intended to.

Each toe gets its own little compartment, just like your piggies used to when you were little and they all had faces on them.


This iteration has no faces.

Unless you draw them on.

Which it wouldn't surprise me one bit if you did.

Do you remember which one goes to the market? I seem to have forgotten... but then, it's been, what, sixteen years? But I digress.

injinji (I'm loving this trend toward lower case proper names) contends that this design will eliminate blisters resulting from toes rubbing against one another.

From the REI site:

    Like gloves for your feet.

    These innovative "toe socks" virtually prevent blisters with a seamless construction that protects each toe.

There's only one way to find out, really: try them.


They come in three lengths, pictured from the top down: Micro Mini ($11); Mini Crew ($12); and Crew ($14), all available here.

I wonder if the NCAA will prohibit their use because of the Native American component of the company's name.

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After trying these socks I will not wear anything else. I have yet to have any blisters and have developed fondness towards being able to move my toes independently.

Posted by: Harry | Nov 21, 2005 6:02:57 PM

"Which little piggy went to market?"

The first one (the big toe). As the father of a 19 month old boy, I know by the time I reach the "wee wee wee" line he'll be giggling and wriggling all over the place!

Posted by: Graeme | Aug 25, 2005 12:47:04 AM

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