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August 4, 2005

The Stunning Global Visions of Ingo Günther


The latest (August) issue of Wired magazine has a story


by Ken Taylor about the superb creations (above and below) of artist Ingo Günther.


Günther maps geosocial and scientific data from newspapers


and other organizations onto 12"–diameter plastic globes.


They are astonishingly beautiful and thought–provoking.


So far he has created some 300 globes,


over 100 of which will be on display this month at Kyushu University in Japan.

From the top down:

1) Ring of Fire — Selected fault lines and earthquake epicenters.

2) Company v. Country — A country whose GDP rivals a corporation's gross income adopts the company's name. For example, Pakistan becomes Sony.

3) Satellite Radio Broadcasting Footprints — Coverage areas of WorldSpace satellites AfriStar and AsiaStar.

4) Time Zones — How the clock divides the globe.

5) Moody's Rating — The lower a nation's Moody's Investors Service credit score, the darker it appears. Some places vanish entirely.

6) Life Expectancy — The average numbers of years people in each nation live.

7) Asteroid Impacts — Points where celestial bodies have collided with earth.

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