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August 8, 2005

Ventresca — 'The toro of Italian tuna'


So wrote Florence Fabricant in the New York Times Dining Out section last Wednesday of the extra–rich belly meat of the tuna, done Italian–style.

Zoe, a Spanish company known for its olive oil, has just introduced canned yellow fin ventresca packed in olive oil.

Fabricant wrote, "The pale meat separates into thick leaves to scatter on a salade niçoise or to layer on an open–face sandwich with pesto."

A 4.5 oz. can (above) costs $4.99 at Balducci's, whose website states:

    Zoe Ventresca Tuna: Here at last!

    This Spanish delicacy comes from the silky underbelly of the fish, which is the tastiest, most tender part. (In sushi bars this is known as "toro.")

    The flavor is supremely buttery, creamy and delicate.

    It’s packed in olive oil; just sprinkle with Kosher salt and enjoy a superb appetizer.

Well, that's all very well if you live in Manhattan and can stop by Balducci's on your way home, but what about the rest of the planet?

Are we supposed to just sit and wish we lived in New York?

Not if you're a joehead.

Finding Zoe Ventresca Tuna became the number one priority for my crack research team last night and they've been burning up the internet searching since.

They have succeeded.

Simply click here and have a look at the lower right hand corner: you'll find Zoe Yellow Fin Ventresca Tuna described as "silky smooth, velvety belly of the tuna. Buttery, creamy, incredibly delicate light strips of tuna in olive oil."


Instead of doing the Balducci thing and telling us how great a product is without letting us buy it, though, the website sells the stuff: $8 a can.

Nice job, team.

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