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August 20, 2005

World's best 13" TV


It's the Sony KV–13FS100 pictured above.

It costs $180 here.

Mine is not two feet from where I type these letters; I'm watching the Vikings–Jets preseason game on CBS.

It's a gorgeous picture.

You could, if you were as dumb as me, get all excited about the new flat TVs such as this 13" LCD number





It's model LC–13S1U and it cost me $430 here.

I no longer have it: when it came time to give someone a TV recently I gave her that one and kept the Sony.

She couldn't believe it, thinking — as I did when I drank the flat TV Kool–Aid — that the Sharp was a far superior device.

I mean, it cost nearly three times as much so it should be that much better, right?

So wrong.

The picture on the Sharp, even after many hours spent tweaking all the various settings and experimenting, is the equivalent of what you get on analog cable compared to the crispness of satellite's picture.

Good riddance to a loser TV.

What occasioned this post, though, was the ad I saw in yesterday's New York Times for Sony's LF–X1 LocationFree™ TV (below).


It takes the flat LCD screen TV to the next level by including a WiFi connection that lets you carry your TV around and watch it anywhere — completely unplugged.

It costs $1,200 here.


When I first read about this TV I was amazed.

Then I started reading reviews and my excitement kind of fizzled out.

It was extinguished when I went up to Crutchfield a couple months ago and saw it.

The picture was dreadful even under controlled conditions.

I carried it over to where the Sharp was on display and put them side–by–side.

Both were receiving the identical in–store feed.


The Sony's picture was so much worse than the Sharp's it was laughable.

So don't waste your $1,200.

Instead, spend $180 on the TV up top, get a fabuloso picture and put the remaining $1,020 in your rainy day fund for when I start to charge.


What would you say if I told you the tube–style Sony can be purchased here for $119?

Better for both of us: that leaves $1,081 for when the time comes to charge you what this is worth.

As if.

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