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September 9, 2005

Geek Cruise with Steve Wozniak


"Satisfy your Wozniak fixation" read the subject line in an email from KDR yesterday.

First came the reflexive recoil/hostility that automatically accompanies being told you have a fixation.

Oh, sure — as if you don't have the very same response.

Gimme a break. But I digress.

Then I realized he was absolutely right: everything Wozniak–related interests me.

So I looked at the link that was in the email and sure enough, it was right on the money.

Steve and a number of other luminaries of the tech world are gonna be cruising the Mexican Riviera February 4–11, 2006 on a "Geek Cruise" called "Mac Mania IV."

Which implies the previous three must've been hits.

Tell you one thing: if you have trouble getting online there'll be someone there who can help.

I can't imagine anything more fun and absorbing than having Steve Wozniak speak on, say, "The Ground Floor Guide to the Macintosh."

That's just one of the topics included under the "New User" portion of the program.

Oh, man....

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LED Mirror Clock


Very cool.

9" x 9".

$59.95 here.

Want to see more?

No problema.

This one


measures 20" x 16" and costs $99.95.

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What am I?


This new bookofjoe feature is making its debut with this post.

Here's how it works:

You guess what the object pictured above is and/or does.

I tell you in a future post and provide info on where to get one.


Fun, huh?

Maybe I should furnish a clue or three.

Or maybe not — I'm sure you'll tell me.

Probably the best thing to do would be to give the answer in the next episode of "What am I?" — that makes sense.


So I probably won't do it that way.

Maybe, along with the correct answer, I'll list all the submissions — or at least, the ones that puzzle or amuse me or otherwise catch my fantasy... wait a minute, that's not right... is it?

Don't worry — no names, email addresses or identifying information will appear — after all, you know who you are....

Don't you?

Or are you here to find out?

You came to the right place, then.

I was wondering when you'd get here — but I wasn't at all worried.

And I was right not to worry, wasn't I?

"No worries" — the Australian mantra is also bookofjoe's.

Gotta know when to make it [up] and when to take it.

Note: the blurb on the front of the Talking Heads concert film "Stop Making Sense" — "One of the greatest rock movies ever made" — is accurate.

A sensational movie.

And that was on VHS — on widescreen DVD, digitally re–mixed and re–mastered it must be unbelievable.

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Shok-SpotR™ — 'World's first helmet impact sensor'


How do you know when your helmet's not working anymore?


You can't tell by looking, if there's no visible damage.


Shok–SpotR™ can: it turns red after impact.

From the website:

    Shok-SpotR™ is a calibrated sensor that visually warns you of a significant impact to your helmet.

    It mounts on your helmet shell permanently and easily, in a small, attractive, ultra–lightweight housing.


    When activated, Shok–SpotR™ alerts you to stop using your helmet.

The device weighs 0.25 oz.

$24.95 here.

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'Increase your brainSpeed!'


That's what the headline says over an ad from brainSpeed, a product which offers three focused applications:

• brainSpeed Memory — "Maintain memory and promote recall"

• brainSpeed Perform — "Increase work productivity and improve decision making"

• brianSpeed Attention — "Promote attention and enhance alertness"

I suppose you could do a Hunter Thompson and take them all at once if you really wanted to turbocharge the old cabeza.

Want to see if there's any sign of life upstairs?

Then take the BrainSpeed Performance Test.

It takes about 10 minutes and afterward you'll be able to boast about your impressive capabilities.

Or not, as the case may be.

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Designer Mareike Gast writes, "Who does not like sitting on the warm radiator in the winter?"

She's created a radiator–seat intended for schools (below).


"Modern radiators work with the low–temperature system, therefore burning is prevented."


Tell you what: maybe in Germany that's true but I'd trust and verify before sitting down on one of these in the U.S.

[via AW]

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MorphWorld: Joe M. Allbaugh into Dilbert


Odd that the penny only dropped now: I mean, Allbaugh was director of FEMA for two years during President Bush's first term and he was always in the news back then and he certainly had his signature haircut at the time.


But yesterday, reading a story in the Washington Post about what Allbaugh's up to on the Gulf Coast now that he's got his own Washington lobbying and consulting firm, it finally hit me: he copied his haircut from Dilbert.

Or vice versa: Scott Adams's signature character only went into syndication in 1989 and Allbaugh may well have had his coif even back then.

Maybe Adams copied Allbaugh's do for Dilbert — ya think?

I mean, it's possible....

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8–days–a-week planner


The last day of each of the 52 pages of this desk planner is "Someday."


Perfect for your inner dreamer.


$22 here.

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