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September 11, 2005

Comf–O–Mate — For when you've gone a dessert too far


You know those great jeans you have — the ones that are so tight and form–fitting you have to lie down on your bed, inhale, then zip them up with a pliers?

Yeah — that pair.

Well, they really look good on you but what happens when, later in the evening, you decide to get something to eat?

It's not pretty, is it?

Either you endure the agony until you're alone or else you unbutton your jeans and hope no one notices.

Well, guess what?

There's a third way: Comf–O–Mate.

This nifty invention acts as a relatively inconspicuous extender between your button and buttonhole to "instantly add a whole waist size."

Under a belt buckle or clothing no one will ever know what you've done.

You're so clever.

In blue, black or khaki denim to match your jeans.

$3.99 here.

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Or you could just thread a rubber band through the buttonhole and then hook both free ends around the button...

Posted by: Spinky Sulks | Sep 11, 2005 3:56:34 PM

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