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September 1, 2005

French Links Tours


Rachel Kaplan, an American long–time resident in Paris, runs this company, which provides customized tours for visitors with singular or specialized tastes.

Her website, www.frenchlinks.com, offers a form you fill out outlining your particular needs, no matter how esoteric.

John A. Barnes, an executive with Pfizer, raved in the August 24 Wall Street Journal about the guide she provided him for his recent one–day visit to Paris.


Barnes's specific interest was the sights surrounding the dramatic events of August 1944 when Hitler ordered — and General Dietrich von Choltitz disobeyed — orders to burn Paris to the ground before retreating in the face of the Allied advance.

I will interject here that the magnificent 1965 book, "Is Paris Burning?",


describing those historic days, is as gripping a true–life thriller as you will ever read.

Anyway, Barnes's guide turned out to be a Frenchman who spoke impeccable English and had lived through the German occupation as a child.

The cost for the day was $750, which Barnes found well worth the price.


I would bet that hiring Kaplan's company, should you have the money and not much time, would be the very highest and best use of your sojourn in Paris.

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