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September 22, 2005

Hands–Free Poker


Look ma — no hands!

Perfect if you're a lazy sot like moi and can't be bothered to hold your cards.

"Stand the fan–shaped Card Holder on the table or hold it in your hand."

"Tuck your cards in the cushioned slot and the cards will stay put."

Two for $8.99 here. (Cards not included.)



Just in from Gotham and Vogue magazine (I cannot say any more since the girls working there belowdecks in the "glamour ghetto" are certainly not being paid by Si Newhouse to be surreptitiously reading — much less contributing to — bookofjoe during working hours), a price break on this item: $6.99 for two here.

Sandra Bernhard said it best for all of us here at bookofjoe:


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I used to have one of these when I was a kid. Was great for tiny little hands.

Posted by: Arieanna | Sep 23, 2005 1:45:17 PM

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