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September 1, 2005

KoalKeeper™ — 'Separate good coals from ash'


Who hasn't lost sleep wondering if they've placed live coals in the trash along with the ash?

Me, for one: but that's probably because I let sleeping coals lie rather than try to clean the fireplace at bedtime.

Now comes the KoalKeeper™ to solve the problem.

From the website:

    What a great invention!

    Cutouts in this steel shovel let you separate good coals from ash.

    That means you keep embers necessary to get the fire going again once the stove is clean and you can be sure you aren't accidentally throwing burning coals in your ash can.

$14.95 here.


Dare I say... kewl?

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Kewl is right. May I ask how you found out about this inovative devise? As the inventor I'm curious where folks hear about my product. Thanks!

Using this tool will forever change the way you approach fire maintenance!

Posted by: Paul Marley | Nov 9, 2006 5:01:26 PM

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