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September 24, 2005

The most hideous bag of 2005


Ladies, we have a winner (above).

I'm sorry to say it's from Chanel.

I saw it in this past Tuesday's New York Times in an ad and I could not believe my eyes.

Even in black–and-white it was painful to look at.

Chanel calls it the Fluffy Sport Bag and would like you to drop $1,545 for one at any of their boutiques nationwide.

I tried to find it on their (predictably) horrible website but couldn't — no surprise there.

Go visit and get a free lesson in website design: do the opposite of everything you see on Chanel's and you'll do just fine on the internet.

What a nightmare.

And to think they must have paid a fortune for their exercise in Flash futility.

Ah, well — not my problem, thank goodness.

I did find a picture of their Tweed and Fur Flap Bag (below)


buried in their virtual wreckage: it looks as if it emerged from the same deranged design session as the Fluffy Sport.

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I just spent most of my afternoon shopping for a new handbag - and the choices aren't much prettier than that on the low-end scale either. Oh, well - I found a watch, instead, of course.

The problem with finding a handbag is that most women have more requirements for what they want out of a handbag than they do for a man. And, just like with men, you can easily find one that will do in a pinch, but we're all secretly holding out for that one handbag...the one that we know we will find, if we just keep looking long enough.

One day, my purse will come. ;)

Posted by: Shawn Lea | Sep 24, 2005 3:39:53 PM

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