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September 8, 2005

This and that — A look back at a few of the past month's posts


It occurred to me this afternoon that it might be useful to hear some follow–up every now and then on things I've written about here and then tried or ordered.

I'll limit such retrospectives to things that proved to be extraordinary.


Susan Gould Jewelry (September 1) — Her wonderful earrings arrived and I'm so excited: I can hardly wait for Christmas to brighten the day of two girls who've been naughty and nice — or should I say, nice and naughty? — this past year.


You know who you are. But I digress.

Shadowboxart.com is Susan Gould's website.


Hazelnuts (August 31) — I didn't have to wait long for these to arrive after I worked myself up with longing writing about them.


The best filberts I've ever had, is what arrived here last week.

That I'm still on the first of the two 1–lb. bags I attribute to an impressive display of self–restraint.

Or maybe it's just the old marshmallow trick.

Two pounds (of hazelnuts, not marshmallows, booboo) for $15.18 here.


Signo Bit 0.18mm ballpoint pens (August 30) — they arrived Tuesday from Japan in a wonderful translucent case.


I can only say, do not — under any circumstances — let one out of your sight.

Because they are so stunningly beautiful and the fine line is so unbelievably narrow that people will lust after them.

Each pen's cap is wonderfully engineered to close ever so precisely: these objects are works of industrial art.

Bonus: I found a second source for them — in Japan, like the one in the original post — that sells the set of eight for $20.


Right here.


Parmigiano–Reggiano Cheese (August 15) — I ordered a one–pound chunk of Bonati–Riserva Speciale, aged three years in Parma, from Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge.


It was exquisite, just irresistible.

I'm amazed it lasted me three days.

$25.95/lb. here.

I advise opting for next–day delivery as mine, which came via 2–day delivery, was a bit too warm on arrival for comfort, though that didn't appear to matter once I got it inside.


OXO Mango Slicer (August 10) — It does what it says it will better than any other tool


I've used to deconstruct a mango.


$11.99 here.


Ventresca: 'The toro of Italian tuna' (August 8) — Impossibly delicious.


You will be astounded at the delicacy and subtlety of this fish.

I ordered four cans of Zoe Diva Select Yellowfin Belly and when the fourth one was finished I wished I'd ordered more.

$8 for a 4 oz. can here.

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