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September 18, 2005

Toronto man smashes record for watching TV


The Globe and Mail reported Friday that one Suresh Joachim has shattered the world record for the longest continuous period of watching TV.

He ended his epochal viewing session yesterday shortly after 7 a.m. with a grand total of 69 hours and 48 minutes straight of TV watching, shattering the previous Guinness–certified record of 50 hours and 7 minutes with plenty of room to spare.

He performed his entire feat in the lobby of WABC–TV in Toronto as part of the Guinness World Record Breaker Week on "Live With Regis and Kelly."

He sat on a brown leather couch and watched nothing but ABC.

Mr. Joachim, originally from Sri Lanka, is no stranger to world records: this is his 16th, including the longest duration balancing on one foot (76 hours and 40 minutes) and bowling (100 hours).

Asked why he does it, he told The Globe and Mail, "To raise awareness of suffering children."

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The newspaper is called "The Globe and Mail" it is one of three Canadian national newspapers, not "Toronto Globe and Mail."

Posted by: Julio | Sep 18, 2005 11:50:16 PM

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