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September 8, 2005

Unknown Munch Uncovered


Experts in Oslo believe that a previously unknown painting by Edvard Munch has been discovered at the Kunsthalle Bremen museum.

The picture (above), called "The Girl and the Four Male Heads," was discovered when the museum removed another known Munch painting from its frame and found the new work underneath.

The painting has been taken to the Munch Museum in Oslo for closer examination and evaluation.

The art historians studying the picture believe it was probably painted in the years 1898/1899.

The painting shows a surrealistic image of a young woman seated in a rocking chair surrounded by the faces of four men, three in front of her and one behind her.

It is on public display during gallery hours at the museum through September 29 so if you should find yourself in Oslo with a little free time during the next three weeks you might want to stop by and have a look.

I wonder how many other great masterworks are hidden in just such a fashion.

I recall reading some years ago about a previously unknown work by Leonardo da Vinci that was found purely by accident while restorers were studying the picture with powerful high–tech imaging techniques.

I would bet that placing every one of the world's old masters under similar scrutiny would result in the discovery of sublime things.

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