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October 2, 2005

The Most of It — by Robert Frost

He thought he kept the universe alone;
For all the voice in answer he could wake
Was but the mocking echo of his own
From some tree–hidden cliff across the lake.
Some morning from the boulder–broken beach
He would cry out on life, that what it wants
Is not its own love back in copy speech,
But counter–love, original response.
And nothing ever came of what he cried
Unless it was the embodiment that crashed
In the cliff's talus on the other side,
And then in the far distant water splashed,
But after a time allowed for it to swim,
Instead of proving human when it neared
And someone else additional to him,
As a great buck it powerfully appeared,
Pushing the crumpled water up ahead,
And landed pouring like a waterfall,
And stumbled through the rocks with horny tread,
And forced the underbrush—and that was all.

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Easy Sheet Rock Repair Kit — Invest 89¢ and get back your damage deposit


You know how, when you're ready to move out, the landlord comes in, looks around and says "Oh, no, look at all those holes in the wall. You've forfeited your damage deposit?"

Not if you've got this handy little package of hole hiders.

"Peel, Stick, Paint" says the website.

"Our wall patches have been used in the White House, including the Oval Office, as well as... the Pentagon."

Scroll down to Mini Mini Patch (SKU #00402 ) here.

Available in smooth or textured patches to match your walls.

89¢ buys you a package of 21 1/2" diameter patches.

That should do the trick.

Unless you're working on the Albert Hall.

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A + B = ?


You read it here first.

A stands for Apple Computer, whose CEO Steve Jobs said two weeks ago that next year's launch of Apple's "Intel Inside" computers is on schedule.

B stands for BlackBerry, Research In Motion's (RIM) wireless email/internet device: RIM announced last week that its next–generation BlackBerry, slated to run at speeds comparable to broadband, is going to use Intel chips.


? stands for what I believe will be Apple's iconic new wireless handheld device, which will take command of the mobile internet market in the same way the iPod created a whole new arena for itself to play in where none existed before.

Think podcasts are something?

Wait and see what happens when you add video.

Look for bookofjoeTV next year.

And that's all I have to say


about that.

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Fiber Optic Shower Head


From Ondine comes the elegant Electric Light Shower Head (above).

It features 270 spray channels wired with fiber optic cables and a halogen light.

The chrome version costs $2,500 and the 24-carat gold one is $15,000.

Bonus: you can adjust the color of the light.

Patty Gatto, marketing director at Ondine, told Ernest Beck in a story that appeared in Thursday's New York Times, "If you like blue because it's more soothing, you can set the head to that."

According to the Times story, "The shower head was designed as a form of chromatherapy, which assigns healing properties to each color of the light spectrum."

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Make–a–Flake — 'Create your own snowflake'


No two flakes — or snowflakes — are alike.

Isn't that what they say?

Not quite — but let's move on, shall we?

Endless fun for the snowflake–inclined.

"Keep the snowflakes clean," exhorts the website; "Report offensive snowflakes."

That's all well and good but what about offensive flakes?

What are we supposed to do about them? But I digress.

[via Marybeth Shea]

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iPod RCA Cables — Connect your iPod to any home stereo


Guess what?

You don't have to buy special speakers or docks or anything to listen to the music or podcasts or recorded books or what–have–you that's on your iPod.

Just hook up one of these cables to your home stereo and you're good to go.

$5.80 here.

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Q. What is mucus?


A. A. Mucus is chiefly composed of proteins called mucins (above), salts and water.

In the human body, most of it is secreted by widely distributed cells called goblet cells.

Large quantities are made in both the intestinal tract and in the respiratory tract, and its many roles as a lubricant and barrier make it essential to human health.

Other cells in the salivary glands also make mucus.

The most familiar form of it appears with the sneeze, which is not a mere nuisance, but just the tip of the iceberg: a large supply of mucus that protects the lining of the breathing passages all the way down into the lungs.

It also flows and carries impurities away from the respiratory system to the stomach to be excreted.

One of the most serious maladies involving mucus is cystic fibrosis, in which an abnormally sticky form is made in excessive quantities and clogs the chest.

The molecular structure of a mucin includes a surface element that is essentially a sugar; this gives the protein the ability to absorb water. It also appears to help make the mucus resistant to digestion.

The mucus coating of the stomach lining is now thought to form a one-way barrier that protects the stomach from digesting itself while still allowing corrosive hydrochloric acid to be secreted into the cavity to digest food.

[via C. Claiborne Ray and the New York Times]

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Trolley in a Valise


Designed by Katja Horst.

Folded, it's a small valise measuring 12L x 9W x 2"D.

Open, it's a wheeled trolley measuring 47.25"H x 12.5"W x 11"D, capable of transporting up to 22 lbs.

Once again, no one will know you're carrying.

Made of polyester, it comes in red or black.


$32 here.

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