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October 18, 2005

$ for a lucky bookofjoe reader


As always, anything I think of that might have positive financial repercussions goes immediately onto bookofjoe so that an enterprising reader (hey, LLT out Colorado way, how's our project coming? But I digress...) can take it and grow rich.

Today's brainstorm — some might choose a suffix other than "storm" but let's not be haters, OK? — occurred to me when it came time to empty the coffee grounds from the 24k gold–plated filter (what, you don't think we skimp on important stuff, do you? No way Josefina...).

I'd just placed a new paper grocery bag on my handy–dandy easy–access hidden grocery bag holder (construction details another time) and was about to dump the grounds when I realized that doing so would be grounds for certification as a first–class imbecile.

Oh, you say there's no need, that's already been taken care of?


Anyway, if you do something like I didn't do you'll find that in a couple of days, when it comes time to take the jam–packed, stuffed to the brim (and above) bag outside to the big trash bin, a garbage drop will occur right there on the kitchen floor as the wet bag dissolves and eggshells, tomato sauce and other rotten, unappealing leftovers pour out onto the tiles.

Not a pretty sight.

Been there way too many times.


Then the penny dropped.

I got out a Barnes & Noble bag and put it inside the paper bag as a liner — voila, a plastic–lined, moisture–proof, self–supporting paper bag.


Here's the moneymaker: spray a plastic coating on the rectangle of the paper that will form the bag's bottom before it enters the folding machine.

Level 2: spray so that there's an area perhaps 2"–high around the bottom when the bag's open, to prevent leakage near the coated base.

Level 3: spray the entire inside of the bag.

Serious cash here for whomever files the patent.

You know, more and more I'm thinking that bookofjoe is a blog that somehow traveled to our universe via a wormhole from the Bizarro World.


Why do I say this?

1) Most blogs dream of having enough traffic to make some money from ads — I've got it (the traffic), but where are the ads?

2) Most blogs link to other places on the web to improve their own Google search rankings — where are my links?

3) Most bloggers who have good ideas use them to generate income for themselves, not their readers — what's wrong with me?

Clearly it all stems from the fact that back when I was little I didn't have stuff like a talking animal bowl to eat my pablum from.


I once read that the child is the father to the man — oh, you too? — and I think that in my case it is definitely true.

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