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October 3, 2005

Clip–On Pet Water Dish


What's this?

Now your best friend* doesn't have to go without on those long dry walks.

Anytime's the right time with your handy–dandy belt–clip water dish.


Simply unhook it from your belt, snap it open and voila: 17 oz. (over 1/2 quart) of fresh, clear agua.

The leak–proof bottle is 10"–high and comes with a 5–foot long cord.


$7.98 here.

*Harry Truman famously remarked, "If you want a friend in Washington, D.C. — get a dog."

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As a beachcomber who is often accompanied by, I must admit, the most beautiful yellow lab on the planet I could use one of these. Maybe then I won't have to share my water bottle with someone that drinks more than her fair share...

Posted by: ScienceChic | Oct 3, 2005 5:30:29 PM

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