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October 4, 2005

Flexible Clock


Salvador Dali, call your office: your order is in.

From designers Joel Hoag and Eric Ludlum of Elseware comes this most interesting timepiece, called the Big Bend.


"Give this clock a twist and a pull to make it any shape you want."

Einstein would twig.

"Hidden armature wire allows you to bend it around corners and poles or drape it over the edge of a table."


Measures approximately 10" across — precisely how big it is would seem to depend on you, wouldn't it? — "and has a moveable 12 o'clock marker so it will be accurate any way you hang it."

The website says it's "In Stock" but it would appear that you have to go to the Elseware store (97 Wyckoff Ave.#4, Brooklyn, N.Y.; 718-366-0888) to buy one.


[via AW]

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