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October 6, 2005

Hands–Free Doorknob


With one of these you could open a door with your chin, your forehead, your foot or knee, even your hand.

Originally designed for people with arthritis or limited hand function, this device has far wider applications.

The doorknob extender would be ideal in situations where you find your hands full but the rest of you available.

Installs easily without removing, replacing or modifying your existing doorknob.

For right or left hand — or knee — use.

Fits all standard doorknobs.

5" long.

You get two for $19.99 here.

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Hey Joe,

Did you know that there are NO round doorknobs in Germany? There are some cylindrical door handles but they don't turn - they're only used to push or pull.

I've been on a quest for 8 years now to find a real, honest-to-goodness, ROUND doorknob - without success.

I think I'll find one here the same day you find the perfect bedtime rading light.



Posted by: Uncle Jake | Oct 7, 2005 4:42:14 AM

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