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October 5, 2005

Jumper Cables with Built–in Flashlights


What took so long?

This is such a great and obvious invention and yet it wasn't all that obvious, was it, if it took until now for someone to have the bright idea of putting a light on the end of jumper cables so you could have some idea which battery terminal you're connecting them to in the dark?

"No need to juggle a flashlight in one hand while connecting the jumper cables with the other."

That is, if you have a flashlight.

But wait — even with only three functioning neurons I just realized that the invention is only half–baked: these cables feature "on one end, two bright LEDs — one on the red clamp, one on the black."

Hey — you have to connect both ends, remember?

So now you're all set: one end correctly connected via the built–in lights, but at the other end it's all guesswork.

Boneheads: there should be LEDs on both ends.

What were they thinking?

And to think they could've simply run this by me, gotten the suggestion, rejiggered the design and put out a truly great device instead of their near miss.

Ah, well.

Sure, you could use the lighted end as a flashlight for the unlighted end, then connect the end with the lights — but where's the elegance and ease of use Apple's famous for in that routine?

Oh, yeah — I forgot.

These aren't from Apple.

Sorry — my bad.


$19.90 here.

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They only put them on one end, as they didn't want to spend an extra couple bucks in order to self power it. Eg, the lights are powered by the car battery. By doing so, they also were able to avoid an on/off switch, and the issues with leaving the light on.

Too bad its only half baked, had they done it right, they might have really had something useful, rather than a novelty.

Posted by: Ron | Oct 5, 2005 5:09:59 PM

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