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October 7, 2005

Light Switch Thermometer


You know how, whenever you pass a light switch, you wish you knew exactly what the temperature was right at that spot?

Well, guess what?

Now you can.

This nifty Light Switch Plate Thermometer gives you a precise digital readout, accurate within 1°F, of the ambient temperature.

Why sweat without knowing exactly why?

No nail holes.

No wires.

Just remove the old wall plate and attach this one and you're good to go.

In white (pictured above) or ivory.

Button–cell battery included.

$12.99 here.

Finally, you'll be able to prove that's it's unbearably hot or cold, as the case may be, in your office.

Who knows — they might even get you a window unit.

But wait: there's more.

Maybe you've got old–fashioned toggle switches.

No problema.


Same price and easy installation, once again in white or ivory.

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