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October 17, 2005

Origarment Shoe


I.D. magazine asked, "Is it a prototype or product?"

It concluded, "No matter."

Me too.

London–based designer Marie O'Connor created a shoe inspired by origami.

It's a flat, oddly–shaped piece of leather that springs into shape with the pull of a zipper.

World's best travel shoe, that's for sure.

The designer added Braille lettering to the bottom both as a "hidden message" and as a grip for footing.

O'Connor's latest work, "playing on her constant obsession with ephemera, motion, collage and clothing,"


is on display in a show now up (through next Sunday, October 23) at The Lighthouse in her native Glasgow, Scotland.

I had the new crack research team see if the Origarment shoe was for sale and they found it was — once.

Evisu manufactured it.

Back on February 20 (scroll about 3/4 way down the site) of this year a UK site had it for sale in red (below),


black or fig for £79.

But when we tried to buy a pair we got some error message.


Actually, as I reflect, it's not too bad an effort by my new crew.

We'll see how long this bunch lasts.

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