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October 20, 2005

Sleep in Mick Jagger's bed


No joke — Mick would be delighted to let you live in his furnished four–bedroom beachfront villa on Mustique in the West Indies.

As long as you can pony up the $13,000 a week he charges.


But hey, it's not such a bad deal — he throws in use of his Jeep and a staff of six.

The house has a pool and a croquet lawn in case you're the water or mallet type.

A property agent handles the nuts and bolts for Mick while he's out and about performing but Ellin Stein, writing in the current issue of V Life magazine, noted that "he vets potential renters himself by reviewing a questionnaire."


His rental agent told Stein, "He is mostly concerned with the number of occupants and their professions... and tends to shy away from people in rock and roll."

So I guess my homie Kid Rock is out of luck vis–a–vis Mick's place.


Oh, well.

Yo, Mick — love the shirt.

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If you're young and reasonably attractive, I would suspect that you could stay in his bed free of charge. Many have before you. Many will follow in your footsteps. (But I would love to read the questionnaire - I'm sure it would be good for a laugh.)

Posted by: Shawn Lea | Oct 20, 2005 11:48:28 PM

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