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October 10, 2005

SUV Watch


You knew it was only a matter of time.

Why drive an SUV when you can wear one?

From the website:

    Navigate your way through the world with the STORM Obligator Watch.

    It's like having a command center right on your wrist!

    Wear a uniquely–designed timepiece that's sure to have people asking, "Oh, my goodness, what is that?"

    It's a durable as a real SUV and its design is unlike any seen before!

    Its 1.5-by-2-inch titanium rectangle features:

    • A one-inch square timepiece with both analog and digital time

    • A light so there's always one at the ready

    • A stopwatch

    • A fully functional compass

    • A thermometer

    Heavy–duty genuine leather band.

    Watches like the STORM Obligator are coveted around the world as trend–setters for the man whose passion for durability and individual style is unmatched.

    Join the many who proudly show they are of a unique character by wearing the STORM Obligator Watch.


"Join the many... of unique character...."

I like it: my kind of logic.

$249.95 here.

Full disclosure: I have no idea whether or not Arnold Schwarzenegger receives royalties from the company that makes this formidable wrist paperweight.

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