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October 26, 2005

The Rolling Stones meet Mercedes–Benz


When I opened my New York Times this morning to page A7 and saw the above full–page ad I almost fell off my treadmill.

What the heck?

Mercedes paid The Rolling Stones $50 million or thereabouts — who really knows or cares? — to dress nicely and pose with the grotesque–looking new R–Class.

The ad also appears in today's Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

The Stones have come a long, long way from back in the day when Ed Sullivan wouldn't let them on because they were too nasty.

Most everyone eventually learns to play nice.


Especially with the right incentive.

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Here's the thing about the Mercedes-Chrysler marriage. You end up with a Mercedes that's a re-badged Chrysler. See the Chrysler Pacifica and compare that to the M-B R-class. Here's a picture for comparison: http://www.chrysler.com/pacifica/features/exterior_photos/img/photo_1.jpg


Posted by: Mattp9 | Oct 26, 2005 9:53:56 PM

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