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October 18, 2005

Tsaya Thigh Cellphone Holster


See, if I paid more attention to what's online and spent less time with my nose buried in all my newspapers I'd have heard of this nifty Jane Bond–ish accessory this past summer when it was all over the web.

But I don't and I didn't.

So sue me.

Or ask for all your money back — you know I'm just like L.L. Bean and Craftsman Tools in that regard: your money always cheerfully refunded with no reason required no matter how long it's been.

But I digress.

Have you noticed that's happening more and more lately?

Me too.

Anyway, I first encountered Tsaya's Thigh Cellphone Holster in today's Washington Post front–page story by Yuki Noguchi on the stylish new wave of tech fashion accessories.

Accompanying the article's continuation on page A14 was a photo of the Tsaya device.

Pablos [sic] Holman, the designer, said that the thigh holster "turned out to be really practical and really sexy."

I agree.

From the website:

    Made of delectable black patent leather, the Tsaya is smooth against your clothes.

    Gription on the back ensures that it will stay comfortably in place.

    Engineered to automatically adjust for any mobile phone, the pocket expands only as thick as your phone.

    A separate pocket for your ID, credit card of cash.

This is the first site I've ever seen with a dropdown box for your thigh measurement.

Acceptable values range from 14"–24".

Don't worry — the company encrypts your measurement so no one need ever know.


The Tsaya holster costs $79 here.


Note just added (2:31 p.m.) after email back-and–forth with Pablos Holman himself: his name is "Pablos" and the Washington Post got it right; the Pittsburgh Post–Gazette, in its interview with him, repeatedly misspelled it "Pablo."

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This reminds me of the cell phone holster just like it worn by Jenna Elfman's character in a scene from Keeping the Faith.

Posted by: jules | Oct 18, 2005 1:33:59 PM

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