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October 18, 2005

Uneeda Pup


Or, as they say on the product's website — "You need a PUP!"

What's a PUP?

Hey, funny you should ask because the very first sentence following the boldly declarative statement on the website is "What's a PUP, you ask?"


Carl Jung, call your office: your synchronicity is here.

But I digress.

From the website:

    It's the modern accessory for everything and everyone.


    The PUP is so versatile it's perfect for men and women, kids and adults, business or leisure.

    With the PUP's adjustable strap you can wear it 3 different ways: over the shoulder, around the waist or across the chest.

    Convenient, stylish, light–weight in 6 designer colors, the PUP holds everything you need for "hands free" living.

"In your choice of six designer colors" — Black, Red, Burgundy, Royal Blue, Navy or Tan.

I noticed that the inventors, realtors Jean and Jim Newell, flogged it on QVC last year so it must be good.

I see where Kelly Ripa said she loves hers so it must be really good.

I see where it says people in the medical field use it — hey, wait a minute, that's me!

The Washington Post's Andrea Sachs reviewed it in yesterday's Travel section and said she liked it, calling it "a fanny pack without the geek factor."

She cautioned, however, that the outside pouches have no closures


so valuables are not secure when placed there.

Still, I think it's worth a shot to see how it compares to the beat–up Patagonia fannypack I've been wearing in the O.R. since the 19th century.

$19.95 here.

A question: Exactly what makes a color a "designer color?"

Just wondering....

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Those are definitely not designer colors, I would guess. But, hey...maybe the designer picked them, so they are de facto designer colors.

But they would have much more of a designer feel if they would have at least made up some names to go with them. The burgundy could be burnt sienna; the royal blue, ocean waves; the tan sandy beach; the red, hearts aflutter; the black, midnight; the navy, aurora.

Voila! Designer colors.

Posted by: Shawn Lea | Oct 18, 2005 12:05:32 PM

Au contraire. It has a pretty high geek titer.

Posted by: riannan | Oct 18, 2005 9:52:14 AM

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