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November 12, 2005

Butter Stripper — Turn cold butter into delicate, melt–on–your–muffin slices


You know how, when you take cold butter and cut it and then try to spread it you sometimes destroy your crumpet?

It looks terrible and really doesn't enhance the overall eating experience, does it, the alternating loci of thick, cold butter and barren bread?

Never again if you own this stylish butter slicer.

It's basically a razor that shaves the butter to create smooth, spreadable, eminently meltable strips that quickly disappear into the interstices of your English muffin and render every bite delicious.

Stainless–steel handle; silicone blade holder.


$9.50 here.


A note on cold butter.

Since college I have been creating my own quick and dirty cold butter instant–melt strips by simply scraping, ever so lightly, down the length of the upper surface of a stick of butter with a butter knife, yielding a curled–up, very soft and spreadable knob of butter on the knife.

Of course, this often leaves the butter looking less than ideal for a Saveur magazine photo op but hey, it's all about the melting.

Also, it should be noted that ever since, many years ago, I tried leaving my butter dish out instead of refrigerating it (much to the dismay of girlfriends and visitors, all certain that the butter would become rancid and make me — and them — sick) I've yet to notice any problem as a result.

So no, I won't be buying the butter slicer featured here but that's no reason you — a far more sensible person who refrigerates her butter between uses — won't find it a worthwhile addition to your culinary armamentarium.

Warning: reading bookofjoe could be harmful to your mental health.

Creating it certainly is to mine.

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Harmful to your health?

Say it ain't so, Joe!

Take care of yourself.

Your the best person to do that particularly healthy act!

Posted by: Mattp9 | Nov 13, 2005 4:38:07 PM

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