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November 1, 2005

Judith Miller to Al Jazeera?


All of a sudden no one at the New York Times knows their Pulitzer Prize–winning correspondent, what with all the excitement surrounding her role in the Valerie Plame/Lewis Libby affair.

It's clear the Times will never welcome her back — she's way beyond radioactive from the paper's perspective.

Al Jazeera's launching its English–language TV network — Al Jazeera International — in six months, spanning the globe and bringing the Arab world's viewpoint to countries never before exposed to it.

Wrote Eric Pfanner and Doreen Carvajal in yesterday's New York Times, "The channel has secured the services of high–profile television personalities like David Frost, the veteran BBC interviewer, and Josh Rushing, who was a United States military spokesman [while serving in the Marines] in the current war in Iraq. From CNN, it has added the anchor Riz Khan, and from Sky News of Britain, the reporter David Foster."

If they hire Miller — now, while she's red–hot — they'll jump–start their network and secure many millions of dollars worth of free publicity, far more than they'll end up paying her.

She'd be cheap at ten times her price.

Remember, when in coming days you see this all over the web and in the newspapers and on TV: you read it here first.

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