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November 23, 2005

Jurassic Salt


What — you don't think T. Rex just ate creatures as is, do you?

Wake up and smell the Triceratops, baby.

From the website:

    Jurassic Sea Salt — Rich In Flavor And Texture

    During the Jurassic period (150 million years ago) when dinosaurs roamed the earth, much of Utah was under water.

    As the waters receded, a huge natural formation of salt was left behind.

    Now unearthed, this sea salt from another period is rich in flavor and the colored crystals full of trace minerals.

    Use for cooking or in a salt mill.

Next thing you know this'll be on all the tables in the theme park restaurant.

Oh, wait a minute — that's not opening until 2077.

Sorry about that.


$9.99 for a 10 oz. jar here.

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