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November 22, 2005

'Meet the new AT&T' (same as the old AT&T)


I laughed so hard this morning reading about how SBC has decided to use AT&T's brand for its business from this day forward.

The new logo is above,
the old one below.


The only thing that makes sense about this decision is dropping the brain–dead name Cingular in favor of AT&T.

Either way, you're putting mascara on a donkey.

That's my iteration of Henry Blodgett's famous email about putting lipstick on a pig, which was how he referred — in a behind–the–scenes, internal email that later got him fired from Merrill Lynch and banned for life from the securities industry — to one of the loser companies he was touting back in the dot–com frenzy era.

Because SBC — no matter what you call it — and its telecom brethren are all dead companies walking for sure, what with VOIP steadily advancing to swamp them.

Better get out those golden parachutes, men and women up in the executive suites — it's a long, long way down.

The Who got it right, way back in 1971.

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