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November 2, 2005

Mighty Morphin' Mood Couch


That's what Brendan I. Koerner, in his October 16 New York Times story, called the eyecatching piece of furniture pictured above and below .

Designed by Amit Axelrod of Israel's Animi Causa, it's called the Feel.


Axelrod noted in Koerner's story that people adore touching it.

It's comprised of 120 fabric–covered foam balls, linked by strings.

You can make of it whatever you choose.


It comes in blue, red, green, gray or a multicolored mélange.

The original Feel, with dimensions similar to those of a queen–sized mattress, costs $2,950, which includes shipping from Israel.

A newer version, roughly 50% smaller, is on sale through Christmas for $899 plus shipping.


Get yours here.

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Must be incredibly expensive. Website won't quote you a price, you have to get a "call" from a salesman.

Posted by: robby69 | Nov 3, 2005 10:40:45 AM

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