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November 29, 2005

Warped Space Pocket Watch — Einstein would be amused


I wonder if designer Karim Rashid consciously appropriated the current view of how mass and gravity warp space when he designed this pocket watch.

Its description says, "The dark face of this quartz watch... is stretched in a fascinating web design."

That doesn't give much of a clue.

But the previous sentence on the product's website might be a playful nod in that direction: "Add some style to your pocket with this old–fashioned watch that will keep track of the time without demanding space on your wrist."



$130 here.

But perhaps now you've started pondering the mysteries of the universe.

Who better to spend a little time with on the subject than Albert Einstein himself?

In 1926 the Encyclopedia Britannica, for its Thirteenth Edition, asked Einstein (below)


to introduce a brand–new topic: "Space–Time."

Here's a link to that article, as absorbing and instructive today as it was 79 years ago when the master wrote it.

Hey — no one said it would be easy.

But it's wonderful to spend time with this great mind, even if only at a distance — in both space and time.

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