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November 3, 2005

World Time Desk Clock


I'm tickled beyond belief that I actually have a reason to buy this timepiece beyond the fact that it's waycool.

At any given moment between 20% and 60% of my readers are in places other than the U.S.

It therefore behooves me to have at my eyeballtips the local time where email and comments are emanating, from the four corners of the world.

This clock will give it to me.

It goes on the little table just to the left of this computer for easy reference 24/7/365.

From the website:

    World Time Desk Clock

    Charlotte van der Waals, 2003

    Positioned along the 12 axes of this desktop disk are two major cities, representing the 24 global time zones.

    To find the local hour in another zone simply turn the clock so the city representing that zone is in the 12 o'clock position.

    Ideal for global business executives and travelers, it is made of aluminum with German quartz movement.

    Made in Holland.

    Battery included.

    3.25" diameter.

Was $115, now reduced to $69.95 here.

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