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November 17, 2005

zoom Zoom ZOOM


Ben Willmore recently gave a mini–tutorial on his blog, whereisben, about how to access the "Zoom" function built into every Mac.

You know how, when Steve Jobs gives his semi–annual seances masquerading as Apple unveilings, he zooms in and out of stuff on the big screen behind him?

I'd always thought that was something he could do because of some souped–up, tricked–out computer and remote he'd had specially created for his demos.

But I was wrong — Steve put the very same capability into your Mac and mine.

I know this to be true because, just now, using Ben's superb instructions that even I, technoDolt to the stars, was able to execute the first time with success, I made my beloved iMac zoom Zoom ZOOM in on stuff and just as easily pull back.

Go here to read Ben's step–by–step, illustrated instructions.

But if you are just so busy you can't even take the time and trouble to do that, here's the long story short:

1) Click on the apple icon in the upper left corner of your screen, then choose "System Preferences"

2) In the second row from the bottom, on the end, is this icon:


3) Click on it (no, booboo, not the one above, the one in YOUR computer's System Preferences. Sheesh)

4) A window will open that, in the case of my computer, was preset to say "Turn Off Zoom"

5) Click on it and it will then say "Turn On Zoom" (top)

6) From now on, anytime you want to zoom in on something on your screen, you simply position the cursor over the area you've chosen, then hold both the Option and Command keys down (they're the two right next to the space bar, on both sides), and press the + sign

7) To pull back to the original size, hold down the Option and Command keys and press the –

Slick, eh?

I love stuff like this.

Like the time I accidentally discovered how to print without the mouse, using only my right hand:

1) Press the Command and P keys down simultaneously

2) After the Print window unfurls, hit the Return key


I wonder how many other wonderful things are hidden within my machine?

Probably thousands.

But that's OK.

I remember reading Steve Wozniak's biography and him saying that the Apple philosophy is to continually unveil great surprises to its users.

I like it.

My kind of company.

[via whereisben]

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