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December 15, 2005

Electronic Fish Robot


Had enough of coming home after a hard day's night only to find one of your pet goldfish belly up in the bowl?

Never again if your fishies are robots from Eamex.

From the website:

    It is the artificial fish which sails in the tail fillet made with the actuator element.

    Electric power is supplied to the coil in an artificial fish by the electromagnetic induction from a tank.

    It can swim a long term without a maintenance.

Don't believe it?

Watch the movie here.


I wonder if electric fish dream of smart fish food dust....

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Spy Ear Secret Agent Listening Device


Back in the day this sort of thing was given by Q to Bond in preparation for an assault on Auric Goldfinger.

Now it's available to every aspiring spy kid (you know who you are) for a relative pittance.

From the website:

    This inexpensive electronic marvel is mighty cool.

    Pop the headphones in your ear, turn it on, and you can hear people talking across the room, out in the hallway, in the neighboring bathroom stall, and so on.

    It's basically just a micro-amplifier, but its size makes it remarkably inconspicuous.

    The Japanese packaging is really funny, too.

    It shows a sneaky girl using her Spy Ear to eavesdrop on everyone.

    "Why are they laughing? Are they laughing about me?" she ponders.

    "What are they talking? Are they talking about me?"

    Clearly, this girl is really messed up.

    Spy Ear comes complete with headphones, batteries, and even a spare set of batteries.

    It only costs $4.99, so you can be a spy for the cost of a sandwich.

Order yours



Note to the author of the can't-miss 2006 best–seller, "Spy, Jr." — you might want to add an appendix to your book devoted to devices like this and where they might be obtained.

[via AW]

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Rocket Racing League


From Peter Diamandis, the man who created the Ansari X–Prize in order to encourage space entrepreneurs to design and build new kinds of spaceships, comes this new venture: Formula 1 racing in the skies.

Long story short: race rockets, at speeds of many hundreds of miles per hour, around a course.

The first generation of racers are currently under construction by XCOR Aerospace of Mojave, California.


Don't laugh: SpaceShipOne, created to win the Ansari X–Prize, did just that one year ago and today a commercial version of the ship is being built with Sir Richard Branson, most recently of Virgin Galactic, planning to begin tourist flights (for around $200,000 a seat) in 2008.


Just yesterday Branson announced that Virgin Galactic and the state of New Mexico will construct a $225 million spaceport near the city of Truth or Consequences.

Rocket Racing League website videos are here.



Yeah, right — what's XCOR, anyway?

I mean, if you'd asked, ten years ago, "What's Google?", people would've looked at you just as funny....

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Helpful Hints from joe–eeze: Ceiling Fan Vacuum Attachment


It's been a while since this feature appeared: for a moment there I thought it was gone forever but I found the perfect item to resurrect it with.

Consider the remarkable invention pictured above: a dedicated attachment for your vacuum cleaner that actually dusts off the surfaces of your ceiling fan(s).

Sure, lots of you picked up the old–fashioned manual version after I wrote about it here back in August, but hey — join the 21st century already, what?

I guarantee you that even your most obsessive clean house friends and family do not have one of these.

Perfect for the Marthas and Martha wanna–bes in your life.

From the website:

    Simply slide blade cleaner attachment over the end of fan blade, passing it between the two brushes.

    Move unit back and forth along the length of blade, cleaning both sides at the same time.

    Accommodates blades up to 6 in. wide.

    Made of high impact plastic with nylon bristles.

    Universal neck fits wand sizes 1 1/8", 1 1/4" and 1 1/2".

$9.95 here.

Note: Though the website doesn't mention it, I think you'll find the Ceiling Fan Vacuum Attachment much easier to use with the ceiling fan turned off.

On the other hand, if you're into a good workout while vacuuming then by all means rev that puppy up and go for a spin.


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The Birthday Party — by Liz Rosenberg

Now she can say her age, which she pronounces
carefully, as "tew," sometimes flashing a victory sign.
It's all over by the age of two, claimed J.M. Barrie, in "Peter Pan,"
and such is the invidious nature of great literature that I find
myself looking carefully at her, to see if it's all over,
and if it is, what it was. She seems not to have noticed.
When someone shut out the lights and in the darkness
set her cake on fire, she clung to me harder.
And when we leaned together to blow out the candles
she understood there was magic at work,
for now she keeps blowing at things to see if they will go out.
The dumb mothers and their babies came today
to eat cake, and not one brought a gift for this child,
which offended me, and felt like a mortal wound—
not for the sake of the toys, which are tiresome,
and take up space and are seldom wanted or needed—
but because one brings gifts nearing a threshold,
it quiets the gods.
My own household god broke the coffeepot,
and sent them scurrying back to the walk,
and I'd have tossed pans and cups after them
except I am older than two, it's all over for me,
I have learned to pretend to be polite.
And Lily, little Lily, smiled and waved her hand
blithely, glad to see the company come,
equally glad to see them go—
because she is "happy!"—her favorite word—
and because she is two, and mighty.

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Ravioli Paperweight


Suede squares filled


with buckshot.


Each weighs 4.65 oz.


2.5" x 2.5".


$24 for a set of four



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Nice ad


A full page in last Sunday's New York Times magazine.

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Personalized Cap


I simply do not understand how it is possible to create a one–off cap and sell it for $9.98 and make a profit.

Nevertheless, here they are.

From the website:

    Personalized caps are beautifully embroidered with your name, school, club, company or favorite slogan.

    Made of washable cotton.

    Personalization: up to 2 lines, 15 letters maximum per line.

Tell you what: you can say a lot with 30 letters and spaces.

Think about the possibilities.

In blue or red.

$9.98 here.

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