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December 16, 2005

American Airlines to eliminate free soda


Starting next month, reported Keith Alexander in his Tuesday "Business Class" column in the Washington Post, American Eagle, American Airlines' regional carrier, is going to charge $1 for a glass of soda on all flights in and out of Los Angeles.

If successful, they may allow the new charge to become standard on all American flights.

We've all watched the airlines steadily stop with free stuff and start to charge for even the smallest amenities.

I noted some time ago that it would be better to just stop the slow attrition and remove all the seats, replacing them with metal benches like troop transports, or simply have people sit on the floor.

They could then charge you to rent a seat cushion and scale the prices according to thickness.

It would appear I'm not the only one watching the disappearing act of all that once was included in the price of a plane ticket, and extrapolating about things to come.

Wrote Alexander, "Terry Trippler, a travel analyst with Cheapseats.com, said he expects airlines one day to begin charging premiums for carry–on bags and aisle seats."

Tell you what: after watching that sensational TV commercial where the passenger with a giant backpack mows down aisle seat passengers as she makes her way to her seat, I'd recommend charging a premium for window seats.

But I digress.

Alexander continued, "Washington frequent flyer Anne Seymour jokingly said that her biggest fear these days is going to the lavatory and having to insert money before the door opens."


American Airlines needs to hire Ms. Seymour posthaste so she can generate more great money–making ideas.

Jeez, it was only three weeks ago that I thought it remarkable that Air Canada was instituting a $2 charge to rent a pillow.

As if I'd use an airline pillow even if they paid me: you don't know where it's been, as mom used to say.

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