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December 11, 2005

bookofjoe on engadget Chinese [beta]


Just in from a Chinese joehead, this link to this morning's engadget post of one of yesterday's bookofjoe items.

Who knew engadget was in Chinese [beta]?


This is excellent news, because for several weeks the mighty Chinese firewall has blocked all TypePad–hosted blogs (i.e., mine) from entering the country via the usual channels.

I was enjoying a consistent 0.5%–1% of my total global readership being Chinese until the blockade went up: since then it's been 0, so the firewall must be working.


Meanwhile, I've noticed a steady 0.4–0.6% readership from India, the other great 21st–century power–to–be.

I'm glad that engadget is keeping the bookofjoe home fire burning in China while the government keeps me out via its regular access channels.

1.3 billion Chinese can't be wrong.



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