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December 7, 2005

Ferrari Enzo FXX


Ya know, I got to thinking, after reading about Cartier's new tank watch, with its exclusive numbered and limited edition and all, that 100 watches is just too many.

I mean, anyone with $28,000 lying around can up and get one.


That's not what I'm about — you know me far better than that.

So I had the crack research team look around for something a bit more luxe, with a tad more panache and exclusivity.

They did the job they're paid to do.

Above and below, Ferrari's new Enzo FXX, just out.

Only 29 will be made.


But that's not the best part — not even close.

800 horsepower.

0–60 time?

Don't ask.

The price?

$1,755,000 (£1,014,000; €1,500,000) — before taxes.

Now before you say, "What?," have a look — and listen, as the sound of that engine is to die for — at this very cool video of the car being put through its paces in Monza, Italy on October 12/13 of this year.



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I could watch that video all day.

Posted by: Josh | Dec 7, 2005 9:44:59 PM

That was fun.

Lot's of FUN!

I could imagine myself behind the wheel.

For just a second there....

Posted by: Mattp9 | Dec 7, 2005 9:16:55 PM

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