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December 21, 2005

Gamer Cushion


Don't play Halo without it.

From Japan comes this most excellent addition to the gamer's armamentarium.

From the website (as translated by Google's machines):

    If It Holds, Burden to the Waist and the Arm Can Be Lightened

    Proper hardness time of nap and hobby comfortably

    Now becoming absorption, having played the game of topic, when and, when looking at the personal computer and the television and the like, when it is opposite to the long time picture, the り waist and the back which become the stoop being painful, being harsh ones, it does.

    Then, holding, if it places the cog, being able to pass comfortably in easy attitude is the コレ.

    Furthermore like the normal cushion because it is not too soft, if the arm was placed in both sides, a state where the arm is lifted naturally being able to keep, you do not become tired, can concentrate on also job.

    Therefore the size which is settled entirely in the arm of the アナタ, also it is good you become tired in work and, like the dear partner you hold and at the time of the human love forcing to try closing, probably will be.

    With the our room and with the office and it stops wanting with anytime to leave side.

    If it holds vertically, hobby and time of work comfortably.


Long story short (as translated by bookofjoe's crack research team):

Be the first in your virtual world to game in heavenly comfort.

56 cm high x 36 cm wide x 17 cm thick.

Weight: 940 g (2 lbs. 1 oz.).


Made in Japan.


¥4,179 ($35.63; £20.45; €30.14) here.

[via AW]

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