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December 28, 2005

I'm not a blogger — I'm a blogist


You heard this new word here first.

It's my response to the news in the December 24 New York Times, in a story by Grace Glueck, about the new new thing in art gallery circles.

No longer do art dealers want to called that; rather, the word "gallerist" is now coming into vogue.

Said Chelsea gallerist Sean Kelly in the Times story, "I embrace the term. In European circles, 'dealer' has a very negative connotation. Dealers commidify."

Paula Cooper, "the doyenne of downtown dealers," said, "I suppose the word is an effort to upgrade the profession."

Said Richard Solomon, president of the Art Dealers Association of America and the proprietor of Pace Prints and Pace Primitive in Manhattan, "I hope anyone calling himself a gallerist has a medical degree."

That goes double for a blogist.

Here's the Times story.

    Old Business, New Name: Behold the Gallerist

    A fashionable new word is bubbling up in the New York art scene: gallerist, as a substitute for art dealer.

    Not, of course, just any art dealer.

    A gallerist is directly involved with the care and feeding of artists, rather than with the quick turnover of art objects.

    "I embrace the term," said the Chelsea gallerist Sean Kelly, who prides himself on his relationships with artists in his stable.

    "In European circles, 'dealer' has a very negative connotation. Dealers commodify."

    Barbara Gladstone, a gallery owner of long standing who likes the word, said: "A dealer is someone who buys and sells paintings, but doesn't deal with artists. Gallerists represent artists. It's a completely different activity."

    Paula Cooper, the doyenne of downtown dealers, is more iffy about the term.

    "Well, yes, I do accept it," she said.

    "I run a gallery, and it's almost like our artists are our clients. But also I'm a dealer, because so many people I've worked with now have secondary markets. Not that being a gallerist isn't a business. I suppose the word is an effort to upgrade the profession."

    Andrea Rosen, a newer Chelsea presence, said she does not find the term gallerist pretentious, but is equally comfortable with dealer.

    "I'm a dealer insofar as I work with the secondary market," she said, "but a gallerist in that I represent artists in the primary market."

    There's a bit of uncertainty about the word's origins.

    Some suggest it derives from the French galeriste, long used by top gallery personages in France to distinguish themselves from the mere marchand de tableaux, or picture merchant.

    Others say it came from Germany, where galerist or galeristin denotes, respectively, a male or female gallery owner.

    Who might be a prototype of the breed in this country?

    A quick poll gave Alfred Stieglitz, the legendary impresario of the avant garde in the early 20th century, top place, with Leo Castelli coming in second.

    Among present-day worthies who epitomize the title, Marian Goodman, who has introduced many European talents to this country, was the top choice.

    And how does the Art Dealers Association of America, which represents the city's establishment dealers, weigh in?

    "Frankly, I'm not acquainted with it," said Richard Solomon, the association's president and the proprietor of Pace Prints and Pace Primitive on East 57th Street.

    Laughing, he added, "I hope anyone calling himself a gallerist has a medical degree."


Note added after completing this post: I had my crack research team do some due diligence on my "new" self–description and learned that it isn't new at all — not by a long shot: a man named Mark, who lives in New Jersey, on January 20 of this year stopped blogging as "The [accidental] Blogist" (top) and renamed his blog "The Long Cut."


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Then should the word of artist be an art-er or an art-ician or an art-man/woman for a person who involves in art activity; or music-ian be a music-ist or music-er or a music man/woman? Which denotation english grammar shall we use?
We should go back to the ancient history when and where the first mentioned word being pronounced and accepted by public.
Then a word of blog-ger seems like was deliberately devised by the creator of blog itself and accepted by all internet user.

Posted by: Herdy Liu | Aug 28, 2009 7:19:37 AM

Shawn Lea's comment is so funny. Ha ha!

Posted by: Gloria | Aug 28, 2008 4:20:10 AM

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For a while I've been entertaining the thought of moving to charlottesville to set up piano studio and pursue other interests. Curently I teach music in Galax, VA...only since Aug. 2005. I very much miss manhattan..where I have lived for a very long time. I first learned about the Vit. C filter while at Bonobos...my favorite restaurant in manhattan.

I truly like the article --dated 12/28, about what is love -- enthusiasm and love. Beautiful--I like very much and relate very much.

Thank you.
rebecca s.

Posted by: Rebecca Sowers | Dec 28, 2005 10:22:46 PM

Oh dear. Do you think this "ist" thing is going to catch on?

Does that mean I have to rethink the word "sexist"?

Posted by: Flutist | Dec 28, 2005 2:41:16 PM

Shouldn't it be bloggist? Or is that the European denotation?

Or maybe blogician (for the philosophical set), blogologist (for the science set), blogerati (for the literary set), blogarazzi (for the celebrity/gossip set),blogarian (for the reference set)...and reserved just for Joe and his ilk, BlogMaster. ;)

As Einstein said, "Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master. For this reason mastery demands all of a person."

Posted by: Shawn Lea | Dec 28, 2005 12:42:31 PM

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