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December 20, 2005

Mad–Croc Gamer Gum


Just outa beta.

It comes in three flavors: Cinnamon Kick, Spiked Spearmint and Power Peppermint.

Two pieces provide 80 mg of caffeine, about as much as a cup of coffee.

Mike Musgrove wrote about the gum in today's Washington Post Health section; his story follows.

    Gum for Gamers

    What: Mad–Croc, caffeinated gum for video gamers seeking a boost to the next level. Made by Chantilly-based Nutravail Technologies, it has three flavors: Cinnamon Kick, Spiked Spearmint and Power Peppermint.

    Why: Even in a coffee-soaked culture, alternative caffeine delivery systems continue to appear — in energy drinks like Red Bull, candies including some Penguin mints and a caffeinated lip balm called Spazztick.

    How: Two pieces of Mad–Croc contain 80 milligrams of caffeine, about as much jump juice as a cup of coffee.

    The Test: The flavor isn't much — generic mint or cinnamon laced with a slightly bitter caffeine finish — and it runs out quickly. After that, the gum has the consistency of rubber bands.

    Taste isn't the point, says Nutravail's director of marketing, Corey Hamilton. "You aren't going to buy this gum just to chew gum, you're buying it for the energy." Hamilton said that an early version of Mad–Croc hid the caffeine aftertaste, but test groups didn't believe they were getting a jolt. Back came the caffeine bite.

    Who: Nutravail's research found that game addicts are the top consumers of energy drinks, followed by college students. (There's probably some overlap there.) Nutravail is advertising at GameSpot.com and is sponsoring computer-game tournaments. When Microsoft's new Xbox 360 game console launched last month, the company sent out teams to give away samples to game geeks lined up to buy the machine.

    Expert Opinion: Jason Petty, a gamer and a caffeine addict who runs a site called EnergyDrinkReviews.com, gives the gum a rating of "not bad," but "it probably won't cut it," he wrote in an e-mail. "[Gamers] typically want something that we can really feel... something that will keep us going frosty for hours on end, and this stuff is really too weak to go there."

    Oh, Stop: Helene Emsellem, director of the Center for Sleep and Wake Disorders in Chevy Chase and author of the forthcoming book "Snooze... Or Lose!" ticked through a number of hazards to those who regularly pull all-nighters, ranging from loss of cognitive function to weakened immune systems.

    Her advice: Go to bed, dude.

    "Sleep has a clear purpose and being sleep-deprived has very clear consequences," she said.


Now just a cotton–pickin' moment... what about me?

Where's my blogger–specific flavor?

I mean, "going frosty" — what the heck is that?

Where's my term, not to mention the missing chew?

Come on, Nutravail, we're ready to take the bit between our jaws and run with it.

Also, please note that the word "LIE!" in purple in the photo up top was not placed there by me but, rather, by one Justin Clark, who authored a somewhat less than encomium–laden review of Mad–Croc gum on October 27 of this year.

Here's what he had to say:

    Last weekend I was in Target and some Mad–Croc Energy Gum caught my eye.

    The idea and packaging intrigued me so I decided to try some ( I realize this photo says that this gum was purchased at 7-Eleven, but it was pulled from the web).

    I tossed a piece in as I was driving home and I had to spit it out before I swerved off the road.

    This is the most awful tasting gum I have ever had in my life.

    Not only does it change from blue to green in your mouth, but it changes from "gum" into a substance that tastes like muddy cigarette butts.

    I let Blake Green try a piece to make sure it wasn't just me, and after about 2 minutes of chewing he ran directly to my bathroom and spit it out.

    30 minutes later he complained that his mouth still tasted of crocodile dung.



Note to self: contact Justin Clark instanter and bring him aboard my crack research team.


He'll fit right in.

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The peppermint one is horrible, although i chewed through an entire pack in one night just for the caffeine content.
I enjoy the cinnamon gum, however. The cinnamon flavor is very tasty and masks the initial caffeine bitter taste. After the flavor is gone, you are left with rubbery bitterness. Which i have actually accustomed to and enjoy.


So, first-timers...Go for cinnamon kick!

Posted by: Melissa | May 20, 2006 8:00:04 PM

Mad Croc is the best thing EVER!!!!!!!! It keeps you up if you have a long drive ahead of you. Cramming for final exams, staying out late…… you name it. This gum rocks plus they have the new spearmint gum, which doesn’t even taste like caffeine at all. And also, we have to remember its an ENERGY GUM not breath freshener, its suppose to taste strong. Like red bull it tastes bad but we drink it cuz of the results. Plus its so portable, fits right in my purse, in my jeans. It’s AWESOME. I will never ever use another energy option. Thanks Mad Croc.

Posted by: Kim | Feb 17, 2006 4:22:47 PM

I tried the Eclipse Cherry Chill recently - and it's just as bad. I almost gagged it was so bad. It tastes just like the awful cherry syrup of my childhood, before they started adding spoonfuls of sugar to the antidote.

I wondered later who the hell decided to go to market with this gum. It's Wrigley, so you know there were focus groups and taste tests and all kinds of experimentation.

Did some marketing manager convince a higher-up that we were all waxing nostalgic for the cough syrup of our childhood? It baffles me.

I would tell you not to buy it, but you have to buy at least one pack and taste it so I can figure out if it's just me! ;)

(And I like the taste of every other flavor of Eclipse gum by the way. They just screwed up royally on this one.)

Posted by: Shawn Lea | Dec 20, 2005 1:54:08 PM

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