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December 9, 2005

Respect and empathy — Susan Kare on computer icon design


Susan Kare's career in user interface graphic design began in 1983 when Apple Computer hired her to create the icon and font designs (four are shown above) for its new computer, the Macintosh.

Enough said.

But allow me to continue anyway.

Since that time she has continued to work in this field and has become acknowledged as a Jedi Knight equivalent by her peers.

Spend a little time on her website and get a sense of what good design is all about.

No, you won't be able to instantly create a great website after you do, just as wearing a pair of Air Jordans won't make you suddenly capable of throwing it down like Mike.

But it sure is fun to watch.


Why was I not surprised that Ms. Kare's website contains not one bit of Flash?

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