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December 20, 2005

'Safe' Bedside Table




By British designer James McAdam.

From the website:

    It is reported that 50% of people in London are worried about security and sleep with some form of self-defence to hand, for use against intruders.


    The "Safe Bedside Table" has a removable leg that acts as a club and a top that doubles as a shield for self-defence.


    This is for people who are willing to take on an intruder, providing an extra sense of security whilst in bed.


Who wouldn't want one — even if you didn't live in a state of perpetual fear in London?


Winner of a bookofjoe 2005 Design Award.

[via AW]

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So, is the guy in the wifebeater supposed to be the victim, or the perp? He looks like he's on his way out to play some weird form of gladiatorial baseball. And he's carrying the shield like it's a pocketbook, for cryin' out loud.

And so, while the intruder/burglar/psychotic serial killer is bearing down on you with great speed, how long does it take to dismantle the table, strike a pose, and wave the parts menacingly in his/her face?

I just felt like complaining some -- nobody around here will listen to me tonight.

Nice table, though.

Posted by: Flutist | Dec 20, 2005 8:40:25 PM

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