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December 15, 2005

Spy Ear Secret Agent Listening Device


Back in the day this sort of thing was given by Q to Bond in preparation for an assault on Auric Goldfinger.

Now it's available to every aspiring spy kid (you know who you are) for a relative pittance.

From the website:

    This inexpensive electronic marvel is mighty cool.

    Pop the headphones in your ear, turn it on, and you can hear people talking across the room, out in the hallway, in the neighboring bathroom stall, and so on.

    It's basically just a micro-amplifier, but its size makes it remarkably inconspicuous.

    The Japanese packaging is really funny, too.

    It shows a sneaky girl using her Spy Ear to eavesdrop on everyone.

    "Why are they laughing? Are they laughing about me?" she ponders.

    "What are they talking? Are they talking about me?"

    Clearly, this girl is really messed up.

    Spy Ear comes complete with headphones, batteries, and even a spare set of batteries.

    It only costs $4.99, so you can be a spy for the cost of a sandwich.

Order yours



Note to the author of the can't-miss 2006 best–seller, "Spy, Jr." — you might want to add an appendix to your book devoted to devices like this and where they might be obtained.

[via AW]

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These things can be found at a number of places.

They seem to be an OEM design that companies rebrand.

View my Flickr set that show two nearly identical devices that I own.


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