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December 29, 2005

Terminator Toothpicks


The company selling them calls them SteakPiks or "Tooth Chisels" but we know better.

No Terminator worth his heavy metal would sit down to a meal without them.

From the website:

    I love a good 24-oz. Porterhouse.

    But I've never liked the after-dinner chore of manipulating those tiny toothpicks.

    So, when I found these SteakPiks in a drug store on a back street in New York, I had to add them to our line.

    Imported since the 1960's, they're a meat-eater's best friend.

    SteakPiks are a larger, thicker kind of toothpick made of Portuguese orange wood, a flexible, close-grained wood with a durable surface and a hygenic white appearance.

    Just the thing to help you scrape the sinew from your choppers.

    Bring on the pork ribs and corn on the cob!

About 3" long.

250 for $5.99 here.

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