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December 14, 2005

ThingsICan'tLIveWithout: Disposable Latex Gloves


What with BehindTheMedspeak and MorphWorld it would appear I've gotten into thehabitofrunningwordstogether to title my special features.

So with Things....

I became acquainted with the myriad uses of disposable latex gloves back in medical school when I was exposed to them in the course of my clinical rotations.

When I spent my obligatory six weeks on general surgery during my third year I'd occasionally take a box of gloves home if I could remember to do so after 36 straight hours awake running around the hospital. (There are boxes of gloves above each scrub sink in the OR.)

I continued stocking my home from the hospital from then on until I stopped working full time in the OR and eventually used up my stash.

So I'd buy a box at the hardware store whenever I remembered.

Then came the web and things got much better.

Nowadays I buy six boxes of 100 at a time (top) for $7.99 apiece here.

They're delivered and left on my front doorstep a week later and I'm set for another year.

Things I've used them for:

• Gluing

• Painting


• Cleaning toilets

• Cleaning gutters

• Handling trash cans

• Sanding in the workshop

• Dealing with dead animals

• Cleaning up rotten garbage

• Picking up dog and cat doodoo

• Extracting gunk from drains and pipes

• Handling irritating, caustic or toxic liquids and solids

• Being paranoid, and not wanting to leave my fingerprints on things

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Don't forget jar opening. Though if you can snag them, tourniquets are the most useful for that.

Posted by: duh | Dec 14, 2005 11:30:57 AM

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